Thursday, 17 October 2013

Lucid Dreaming - Why Everyone Should Do It!

In my opinion everyone should learn how to get a lucid dream not only once but regularly. This is a powerful mental tool and using it can open up another world that can help everyone in different ways! The benefits of this I think could actually help a lot of people with their daily lives.

Lucid Dreaming Can Help With Grieving...

Dreams are powerful things and they are very helpful when it comes to grieving. When we lose someone we lose unexpectedly we sometimes feel that there is unresolved issues that are needed to go through.

Lucid dreaming can help with this a lot. Even though if you lucid dream these people and they are a figment of your subconscious they will seem very real to you and this will help with your grieving process.

You can re-live memories of the past or even just talk to pets, a lost family member or even a lover who you broke up with either way lucidity is the key to helping you grieve.

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