Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Tips For Lucid Dreaming - How To Remember Your Dreams...

One of the most important tips for lucid dreaming  is to develop great dream recall from all of your dreams whether lucid or not.

Why Do I Need To Remember?
When you dream there will be things that you won't have happen in real life whether it be unusual characters, symbols, signs etc. Things like this are what separates your dream world from the realistic physical world.

How Do I Remember?
One great method to remember is to start a dream journal. This is a notepad you'll have besides you bed and when you wake up after having a dream you'll quickly scribble down your dream in as much detail as possible and if you remember any you can even scribble down any symbols that you saw too.

How To Improve Recall...
You can improve your recall by breaking your sleeping pattern up into 2 hours per session. So you would set your alarm for 2 hours, wake up jot down your dream and repeat until you have about 5 dreams for the night or until you have to wake up.

What Is The Point?
The symbols and characters you jotted down are going to be triggers, make sure you learn a few of them so when you next go to sleep if you see one of these you can be like " I dreaming?" and with this realisation you can go on to start your journey of lucid dreaming.

Remembering your dream is one of the most important tips for lucid dreaming so start yourself a dream journal and watch how quickly you'll be able to start your first lucid dream.

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