Sunday, 4 September 2011

How To Get A Lucid Dream - Reality Checks

An easy method on how to get a lucid dream easily is to use reality checks. This method can be done alone or paired up with any other technique but either way it is simple and highly effective even for beginners to lucid dreaming.

What Are Reality Checks?
Reality checks are ways to check whether what you are going through is reality or not. How can tell that you are awake now and not dreaming? Because you can smell, see, feel and taste? When you're dreaming you can still smell, see, feel and taste so how can you tell the difference when you're dreaming? With reality checks!

Reality checks are more extreme ways of trying to figure out if you're dreaming and by doing them you can increase your self-awareness. Below are a few popular reality checks...

  • Breathing - Can you hold your mouth and nose and still breathe? Should be impossible when awake
  • Hands - Can you put the fingers of one hand through the palm of your other hand? Should be impossible when awake
  • Magic - Can you fly, walk through walls, change your surroundings? Should be impossible when awake
  • Time - Can you tell the time properly? Should be do able whilst awake
How To Use Reality Checks
Pick two reality checks (one is used as a fail safe) from the list above and start to perform one on every hour whilst awake. What this will do is program your mind to do this whilst asleep and when you are asleep you will have a very different result e.g. your fingers will go through your hand! When this happens you will realise you are dreaming and straight away induce a lucid dream.

As you can tell this method to induce lucid dreams is simple and has been said to be very effective on the topic of how to get a lucid dream. If you want more in depth information on reality checks check out this article

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