Thursday, 22 August 2013

Lucid Dream Induction - Improving Creativity

With lucid dream induction there are plenty of benefits that follow with them. One of the ones that have been seen is the creativity a person can produce. 

Painters and musicians have had some masterpieces thanks to dreams; Salvador Dali, Mozart, Beethoven and plenty of other people have managed to create great pieces thanks to the help of dreams. 

So how can this help you?

Simple really, if you are looking for something creative as an artist or a musician or someone who designs clothing etc, this can be very beneficial. 

When you get into a lucid dream there are various methods that can help stimulate the creativity. The first thing that can be done is that you can ask your subconscious to "show you something wonderful" and it should work and go on to show you something that you might find creative.

If you are more in the musician field then you can start playing an instrument and you should be able to find yourself playing something more impressive than you have before.

For artists start painting and you might find that you will be able to paint something spectacular. You can follow this line of thought for various subjects and embrace your creativity. 

Lucid dream induction is very effective and stimulating creativity is one of the things that many people use it for and it is highly effective so next time you are lucid why not try it out.

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