Thursday, 29 August 2013

Techniques For Lucid Dreaming - Increasing Intensity

There are various techniques for lucid dreaming that you can undergo that can help you increase the intensity of your dream and by intensity this means making everything clearer and more vivid.

Many people say that they have semi-lucid dreams or dreams where everything is fuzzy and therefore leading to them to not being able to fully experience the state that is lucid dreaming effectively.

When in a position where you lose intensity you can end up coming out of your lucid dream earlier than usual which is something you don't want.

There are ways however where you can increase the intensity and duration of the dream however so you can undergo the full thing. Some tips are as follows...

  • Rubbing your hands together has been known to increase intensity as it manages to go and create friction between the palms. 
  • Calea Zacatechichi is a mexican "dream herb". This has been known to be very effective when it comes to creating really vivid dreams. There are plenty of them out there (yes they are legal) but what you need to make sure that you do is check with your doctor before taking any of these as you may find that you're allergic. As said there are varieties out there which can give you the stimulation you need for highly vivid lucid dreams and if you want to try it you can look for more research over the internet before trying it out. 
  • Spinning yourself round while you are in a lucid dream can create a sensation of feeling and this can therefore go onto improving your dream intensity. 
Each of these techniques for lucid dreaming can stir the higher conscious brain in one way or another to go on to give you more vivid or longer lasting dreams.

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