Thursday, 1 August 2013

Tips For Lucid Dreaming - False Awakenings

A tip for lucid dreaming that could help you achieve your goal would be through false awakenings. 

What Are False Awakenings?

These are moments where you wake up from a dream into another dream, however there is nothing out of the ordinary with this. You will wake up in your room and go through your normal routine for a while and you might realise that something is out of the ordinary such as you end up driving to work and it starts to rain gumballs. 

Things such as this will bring most people out of the dream state, however for those who know about this there are chances that you can go onto achieving lucidity thanks to this. 

How To Become Lucid With False Awakenings

If you have been looking into lucid dreaming then something that you will know about the power of reality checks. These are little checks that you can do to see whether you are dreaming or whether you are awake. 

These can be as simple as checking the time or another method which is simple but effective is trying to push your fingers through your palm. If you are dreaming when you check the time, it won't make much sense to you and when you try putting your finger through your palm it should easily go through (while dreaming).

One of the best times to go through with a reality check is as soon as you wake up. By doing this you can actually check whether or not you are dreaming. 

So simply as soon as you wake up you can perform a reality check and you may find that you are in fact sleeping and have woken into a false dream. Once realising this you will be able to kick start yourself into a lucid dream. 

Other than reality checks there are plenty of other tips for lucid dreaming which you may end up finding more useful to add to other techniques.

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