Thursday, 12 September 2013

Lucid Dreaming Methods - Foods and Vitamins

Food and vitamins can be one of the most effective lucid dreaming methods that can help stimulate you for achieving your dream.

Vitamin B6 plays a role with stimulating with brain function and you are looking to increase your intake to about 100mg.

You can either buy these as vitamins or you can go ahead and get them through your fruit and vegetables and also proteins; eggs, bananas, carrots, oranges, fish, chicken and nuts are just a few of the foods that you should look out for.

What happen is that B6 will convert the Tryptophan in the body into serotonin which is what makes your dreams more vivid and intense. This conversion takes place in the body which is what you are looking for, which is why you shouldn't just get serotonin supplements as they are broken down differently.

Along with the vitamin B6 you may find it useful to have more foods that in Tryptophan which brings in cheese. Having cheese before bed will help increase the vividness of your dreams (cheese doesn't always bring bad dreams but it does increase vividness which is why many people can undergo nightmares).

The is an effective lucid dreaming method where you can simply stimulate your body into being able to create a higher level of lucidity for you dreams.

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