Thursday, 19 September 2013

Tips For Lucid Dreaming - Monks Practice Lucid Dreaming On Their Path To Enlightenment

I find that knowing is half of the battle and one of the tips for lucid dreaming is to understand some facts about the subject. So here are a few things that you probably didn't know about the life-changing experience.
Tibetan monks have been known to practice lucid dreaming to reach a state of enlightenment. Instead of flying around and living out their fantasy they are given different goals such as...

  • Communicate with yidam (an enlightened being)
  • Visit different worlds
  • Receiving initiations
  • Talking to their subconscious
Just as monks did you too can actually reach enlightenment through achieving lucid dreams. So for example if you are having problems, or if you have something you need ti rehearse for or if you want to tap into your creative side then all you have to do is get to your subconscious.

With lucid dreaming you can interact with your subconscious and from this you can help yourself solve life problems that you may be experiencing and how you can battle them when you awake and also you can also find some artistic inspiration which too can be great especially if you need to be creative or if you are seeking inspiration for anything.
There are many benefits when it comes down to lucid dreaming and the best part is they can be easily achieved if you know how.

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