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Techniques For Lucid Dreaming - The Power Of Self-Hypnosis

Self-hypnosis is one of the many techniques for lucid dreaming that is great for everyone to use. Just like motivation, confidence and self-esteem this technique is very powerful and has a high success rate and can be done throughout the day.

Techniques For Lucid Dreaming - What Is Self-Hypnosis?

For those of you who don't know what self-hypnosis is, it is a technique that you use to program yourself. For example some very common uses of self-hypnosis is for those who have low confidence or self-esteem issues. With the right programming these people can increase their issues and the same goes for lucid dreaming.

The way this works is by putting your body into a deep relaxation mode (a trance) which is like sleep and from this you can program dreams and increase self-awareness which teaches your subconscious to realize you're dreaming. In this trance you will plant suggestions to your subconscious such as "My dream world is vivid", "I can remember my dreams", "I want to lucid dream".
Planting suggestions will help program your body to experience lucid dreams.

Techniques For Lucid Dreaming - Myth Busters!

There are plenty of myths out there about hypnosis and some of them are the reason people ignore using the method. So below I am stating some facts that will help you forget the myths...
  • You can't get stuck
When in a trance you can't get stuck at all. If you or the mp3 happen to stop midway you won't get trapped in a trace but instead you'll naturally wake up.
  • Everyone can be hypnotized
Have you ever watch TV, looked out of a window in a moving car or did a morning routine half-asleep? These are various places where you get caught in a trance. You may not realise it but it does happen and depending who you are you may be more open to ideas than others.
  • You have complete control
One thing people think is that when they are under a trance they have no control (like the TV shows). However you can control yourself, you may be more suggestible but you can't be convinced to do something you really don't want to do.

Techniques For Lucid Dreaming - How To Put Yourself Under...

Even though there are plenty of detailed steps to do this here is a quick version that you can follow.
  1. Make yourself comfortable so that it is easy for you to relax. Either sit or lie down and remain in that position without crossing your legs and arms for 30 minutes.
  2. Release any tension you have by taking deep breaths and imagine relaxing your physical muscles one by one. Imagine pouring a cup of warm golden water on your body and imagine relaxing.
  3. Down the staircase is a trick I learnt that can do wonders towards hypnotizing. Imagine you are at the top of a staircase and you are making your way down slowly. As you get lower count down from 10 for each step and make sure that your muscles are still relaxed.
  4. Auto suggestions go hand in hand with self-hypnotization. What you want to do at this point (where you are in a deep trance) is to add in some affirmations. Some good ones are "I can remember my dreams", "I have lucid dreams", "I can become conscious in my dreams", "I can control my dreams". Repeat these to yourself as you are in a trance.
  5. Waking up from your trance is simple. What you want to do is walk back up the stairs counting from 1-10 slowly beginning to feel more aware. Once at the top you will be back to normal.

Techniques For Lucid Dreaming - Binuaral Beats

Something that is very effective especially with beginners is the use of binaural tones. These are simple to use and can be found anywhere on the internet even on youtube.

The science behind these is simple; two tones are played at once which produces one note at a frequency. This can help alter the brainwaves for things such as relaxation, self-hypnosis and specially lucid dreaming.

You can find plenty of these on youtube which last for an hour or even longer and with the help of a pair of headphones you are able to get the best out of this whilst you sleep or go through on of your lucid dreaming sessions throughout the day.

As mentioned this is a very beneficial way to go for beginners as it can help them reach a state of relaxation instead of making you have to go through it yourself.

Techniques For Lucid Dreaming - In Closing...

During the trance you may experience a lucid dream and if not then you may need more practice or you may experience a lucid dream before you go to bed.

The reason this is one of the easiest techniques for lucid dreaming is that you can get this on an mp3 that can guide you through the whole process and has unbelievable results!

It is recommended that you do this before you go to bed so that you are relaxed and ready to lucid dream!

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