Thursday, 12 December 2013

Lucid Dreaming - Why Everyone Should Do It!

In my opinion everyone should learn how to get a lucid dream not only once but regularly. This is a powerful mental tool and using it can open up another world that can help everyone in different ways! The benefits of this I think could actually help a lot of people with their daily lives.

You Can Talk To Your Own Subconscious...

Have you ever wondered why you are so depressed at times? Have you wondered what you want to do with your life? As a person you don't know the answer for this but your subconscious does!

Your subconscious will come to you in many forms; pets, people and even nightmares. A nightmare that interested me was when someone was being attack by a monster like figure and when they realised they were dreaming they demanded to know why the monster was attacking them. In that moment the monster shifted into their pet dog and responded with "You aren't spending time with me because you think you'll lose me".

Talking to your subconscious is like talking to a therapist that actually knows you so if you have any questions then seek out your subconscious.

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