Thursday, 5 December 2013

Tips For Lucid Dreaming - Unknown Facts About Lucid Dreaming

I find that knowing is half of the battle and one of the tips for lucid dreaming is to understand some facts about the subject. So here are a few things that you probably didn't know about the life-changing experience.

Tips For Lucid Dreaming - Meditation Works Wonders

As mentioned above monks have been using this method for years as a method of enlightenment. To reach this state of mind however they would meditate; find somewhere quiet, close their eyes and reach a peaceful state.

With that in mind there are many cases where it has been said that by getting into that peaceful state ourselves it is possible to be able to induce lucid dreaming however it will take time.

Meditation Can Increase Self-Awareness

Meditation is linked in with self-awareness and it is proven that people who meditate regularly find it more easier to learn and perform lucid dreaming.

Meditation can help relax the body before you go through lucid dreaming and it can help increase your self-awareness and visualization skills.

If you are struggling to get into a meditative state then something you can do is check out the binuaral tones which are two tones at different frequencies played at different times which go on to produce one tone. Th tone produced is a low humming like tone and when listened to (best when you have headphones on) you can change your brainwave to a more higher activity where it becomes more open to lucid dreaming.

These tones can be easily found across the internet and even places such as youtube have full tones that play for over an hour which is plenty of time for you to listen and get into a meditative state before it cuts out. These are perfect for before you go to sleep or if you do lucid dream sessions (sessions through the day where you try and put yourself in a lucid dream).

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