Thursday, 28 November 2013

Lucid Dream Induction - How To Remember Your Dreams

Many of you know that a few method for lucid dream induction involve being able to possess dream recall so that you can remember you dream signs that when you notice when you are dreaming will become a point of realisation to trigger your mind awake.

It can be very difficult to remember your dreams however with these tips I hope to make it easier for you so that you can be in control of your dreams!

Lucid Dream Induction - Dream Supplements

There are many herbs that you can use for lucid dream induction that are aimed to increase how vivid your dreams are and also can increase your dream recall.

Many people are not too sure to take these herbs (such as calea zacatechichi) since they think it to be the same to be as taking drugs but it's completely safe but I wouldn't recommend taking them all the time as it will result to needing these herbs to lucid dream and you just want to do it naturally.

This method is completely optional, you cans till experience the same results naturally with the dream journal.

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