Thursday, 21 November 2013

Lucid Dreaming - Why Everyone Should Do It!

In my opinion everyone should learn how to get a lucid dream not only once but regularly. This is a powerful mental tool and using it can open up another world that can help everyone in different ways! The benefits of this I think could actually help a lot of people with their daily lives.

Lucid Dreaming Can Help Overcome Phobias

As seen in many guidance sessions, sometimes with phobias people are put under deep sleep and talked to about their problems.

This sort of technique is something that you can do from the comfort of your own dreams and it is still not dangerous at all - remember you're the one that's in control so you have nothing to fear at all.
Apart from phobias this is also something that can help with nightmares. If you are someone who suffers from nightmares regularly then something that can help you with them is putting yourself under.

When you know you are dreaming and in control you can actually face your nightmares and end up giving yourself a good nights sleep for a change.

An example of this happening has been shown in various studies... young man dreamt of being pursued by a lion. When he had no place left to run, he realized he was dreaming and called to the lion to "come and get him." The challenge turned into a playful wrestling match, and the lion became a sexy woman (NightLight 1.4, 1989, p. 13). Monsters often transform into benign creatures, friends, or empty shells when courageously confronted in lucid dreams...

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