Thursday, 14 November 2013

Lucid Dream Induction - How To Remember Your Dreams

Many of you know that a few method for lucid dream induction involve being able to possess dream recall so that you can remember you dream signs that when you notice when you are dreaming will become a point of realisation to trigger your mind awake.

It can be very difficult to remember your dreams however with these tips I hope to make it easier for you so that you can be in control of your dreams!

Lucid Dream Induction - Start A Dream Journal

If you haven't already then something that you want to do for easy lucid dream induction is to start off a dream journal. For those of you that don't know, this is a notebook that you have beside your bed and write down your dream when you wake up from a dream. This helps remember dream signs, unusual characters, symbols etc.

My method for the dream journal is not to sleep the whole night and then write in it but instead to firstly set your alarm for about 4 hours time when you get into bed. When you wake up you should have had your first dream so with your trusty notepad which is beside your bed write down what you just dreamt about (I find it easier working backwards and always asking "how do I get here?").

When done set your alarm for another 90 minutes and go through the same procedure when you wake. Keep doing this until it is time to wake up.

In your journal make sure you make a note of unusual characters, signs, symbols and make a note if they keep occurring as these will be the signs to start looking out for as they will help you know that you are dreaming.

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