Thursday, 26 December 2013

Lucid Dreaming - Why Everyone Should Do It!

In my opinion everyone should learn how to get a lucid dream not only once but regularly. This is a powerful mental tool and using it can open up another world that can help everyone in different ways! The benefits of this I think could actually help a lot of people with their daily lives.

Lucid Dreaming Is The Training Ground For Real Life...

Lucid dreaming is basically like virtual reality but in the safety of our own beds. For this reason it is a great place to practice skills for example if you play the piano you can dream of playing the piano and practice through your lucid state and when you wake up you would have become better than when you went asleep.

Even though we are dreaming our subconscious and conscious work together and upon waking your muscle memory will kick in and have you playing piano better.

A scientific case showed how a surgeon read his surgical cases for the next day before going to bed and induced lucid dreams so he could practice and when he awoke on the day he was a lot better than the average surgeon!

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